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Call 811 Before You Dig

  • Planting a tree?
  • Installing a fence?
  • Putting in a new mailbox?
  • Building a deck? 

 Whether your digging project is big or small, its important to know whats below before you dig.

Please check out this important information regarding locating underground facilities before you dig.

CALL 811 Before You Dig!

Call at least 48 hours before you dig. NC One Call Center will arrange to have all of your utilities located and marked. This is a FREE service.

Please do not call the Water Department direct for this service. The Water Department can only do locates that have been processed through NC 811.

Please note that the Water Department can only locate County water lines and services. It cannot locate lines from the meter to the house.

This short video clip explains the entire "Call Before You Dig" process for North Carolina, as well as deciphers the color-coded markings of underground facilities.

Please share this important safety information with your family, friends and neighbors.