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Walking Communities Trails

Currituck County residents can improve fitness and enjoy being outdoors in the community by following any of several new walking trail maps now available from the Department of Parks and Recreation.

As part of the "Walking Communities" initiative, 21 community walking trail maps have been created. These maps can be accessed online and downloaded by residents, who can use the maps to enjoy walks in neighborhoods and public locations throughout Currituck County.

The development of this program was spearheaded by the Currituck County government's Fitness Council. Council members include: Jason Weeks, Parks and Recreation; Georgia Kight, Cooperative Extension; and Mary Gilbert, County Manager's Office. Currituck GIS Technician Harry Lee plotted the maps and created digital versions of walking trails.

The following locations are included in Currituck's "Walking Communities" map selection:

  • Carolina Club
  • Carolina Village Mobil Home Park
  • Cooperative Extension Center
  • Eagle Creek
  • Government Center on Caratoke Highway
  • Kilmarlic Club
  • Knotts Island Loop
  • Knotts Island Senior Center
  • Maple Park
  • Monteray Shores
  • North Point
  • Pine Island
  • Pinewood Acres
  • Ponderosa Mobile Home Park
  • Quail Pointe
  • Quail Run
  • Ranchland
  • Swan Haven
  • Sound Park
  • Southern Knotts Island
  • The Currituck Club
  • Tulls Bay Colony
  • Walnut Island
  • Waterside Villages
  • Wedgewood Lakes

  • For more information regarding "Walking Communities", please contact the Currituck County Department of Parks and Recreation, at 252-232-3007.