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Volunteer Information

Many departments throughout Currituck County Government rely on citizen volunteers for the success of programs and events. Volunteers perform many important roles to help make Currituck County a safe, fun and productive community.

The following are examples of volunteer opportunities currently available in Currituck County government. Please contact specific departments directly for more detailed information.

If you have interest in volunteering to help a department that is not included among these examples, please contact the Public Information office, at 252-232-0719, for the appropriate contact information.

Animal Shelter

Animal Services and Control welcomes volunteers to help with the animals who are awaiting adoption. Volunteers play an important role in the success of the Animal Shelter and can assist staff with a wide variety of tasks. In addition, the time that volunteers spend with animals improves the pets' socialization skills and helps them be more ready for adoption into a furever home.

For more information, please contact the Animal Services at 252-453-8682. You may also visit the Currituck Animal Shelter, which is located in Barco at 140 Aviation Parkway, near the YMCA and Currituck County Cooperative Extension.

Cooperative Extension

The Currituck Center of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension utilizes volunteers for many of its educational programs in the areas of Agriculture, Family and Consumer Education, 4-H and Youth Development, and Community and Rural Development.

Following is a few of the Volunteer Opportunities at the Cooperative Extension:  
  • The Extension and Community Association (ECA) is a volunteer organization that has a memorandum of understanding with the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service. Its mission is to strengthen families through leadership development, volunteer work and educational support. There are four Extension and Community Association clubs in Currituck County.

    For more information on ECA, please contact the Cooperative Extension at 252-232-2261 or email Extension and Community Association  county adviser, Olivia Jones, at

  • Cooperative Extension's popular 4-H and Youth Development Program also utilizes many volunteers for its activities involving county youth. 4-H offers clubs, special interest programs, summer camps, school enrichment and after-school child care.

    To learn more about becoming a 4-H Volunteer, please view the following forms: 4-H Volunteer Interest Letter ; How to be a 4-H Volunteer ; and 4-H Application Form .

  • The Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) needs volunteers to help senior adults with Medicare issues. To learn more about this opportunity, go to , or contact the SHIIP coordinator, Olivia Jones, at 252-232-2261 or .

  • Also, the County Extension Advisory Council helps the Cooperative Extension Service serve the needs of the county citizens by working with the Extension staff. The Advisory Council aids in determining customer needs, making program recommendations and identifying local resources for developing educational programs

To learn more about these Volunteer Opportunities and more at the Cooperative Extension , please call 252-232-2261.

Emergency Management

Currituck County Emergency Management officials offer a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), in which citizens can take an active role in helping their community respond and recover to a natural disaster or crisis situation.

The training is provided by Emergency Management and covers basic skills that are important in helping your fellow county residents during a disaster. Topics include emergency preparedness, fire safety, emergency medical care, search and rescue and disaster psychology.

This is a great opportunity for a community group to train and learn together. Organizations that should take advantage of this training include homeowners associations, neighborhood watch groups, business employees, school and faculty groups, churches and other geographically-linked populations.

In addition, Emergency Management utilizes volunteers in the Evacuation Assistance Program. If you think you would be able and willing to help during an evacuation in any way, such as giving a neighbor a ride, participating on a Food-Ice-Water Crew, working on a Yard Clean-Up Crew, or serving as a language interpreter, please register with Emergency Management.

For more information on CERT training, Evacuation Assistance Program, and general emergency preparedness and response, contact the Currituck Emergency Management Office at 232-2115.

Download and Print Forms: Evacuation Assistance Registration

Please complete and return the Evacuation Assistance Registration form to Currituck Emergency Management, 153 Courthouse Road, Suite 122, Currituck, NC 27929. The Emergency Management Office is located at 147 Courthouse Road.


Currituck's Public Library operates three branch locations and welcomes volunteer participation at each. The library's main branch is located in Barco at 4261 Caratoke Highway and a second is located in Moyock on Campus Dr., off of Tulls Creek Rd. A third branch is located on the Currituck Outer Banks, at 1123 Ocean Trail in Corolla.

The library is a member of the East Albemarle Regional Library System, and serves as a useful center of information and resources for county residents. The library includes books, magazines, reference and genealogy sections, and computers available for public use. Several children's programs and reading initiatives are included among the library's many services.

Volunteers help by participating in reading programs, assisting with children's activities, maintaining the research sections, organizing book shelves and other productive duties.

For information on volunteering at the Currituck Public Library, please call 252-453-8345.

Parks and Recreation

The Currituck County Parks and Recreation Department offers many sports and activities for youth and adults, as well as Special Olympics programs. Each season, volunteers are needed to participate as coaches, referees and support personnel to make these athletic programs successful and enjoyable.

Examples of youth athletic programs offered by Currituck Parks and Recreation include flag football, tackle football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, cheerleading, baseball and softball. Adult athletic leagues include men's and women's softball, and basketball.

Following is a listing of sport activities, with age groups, that need Volunteer Coaches:

  • Basketball: January-February; 7-9 Boys, 7-9 Girls, 10-12 Boys, 10-12 Girls, 13-15 Boys and 13-15 Girls.
  • Spring Soccer: March-April; Boys and Girls, ages 5-6, 7-9 and 10-12.
  • Fall Soccer: August-October; Boys and Girls, ages 5-6, 7-9 and 10-12.
  • Flag and Cheering: November-December; Boys and Girls, ages 6-7, 8-9 and 10-12.
  • Tackle Football: August-November; ages 8-9, 9-10, and 11-12.

Parks and Recreation staff members are also responsible for directing the county's Special Olympics program, which involves many activities for disabled athletes. In addition, the department maintains the county parks.

For information on volunteering to coach or referee a specific sport or to help support one of the many programs, please contact the Currituck Parks and Recreation Department at 252-232-3007. The Parks and Recreation office is located at 2826 Caratoke Highway in Currituck.

Senior Center

The Currituck Senior Center operates facilities at three locations, including Currituck, Knotts Island and Powells Point. These centers are places where senior citizens can meet, receive services and participate in fun, informative activities.

Volunteers are needed for the Home Delivered Meals program, which delivers freshly prepared meals to senior citizen shut-ins that are bound to their home for medical reasons.

This delivery program not only provides nutritious meals, but allows senior shut-ins valuable social time with another adult. It also enables the deliverer to make note of any medical needs or concerns related to the person and then relay that information to the appropriate office.

This valuable program is performed throughout Currituck. In addition to meal delivery, the Senior Center also relies on volunteers to make many other programs a success. Volunteers help with the Senior Games, informational sessions, and other group activities that take place at the three Senior Center facilities.

For more information on Volunteer Opportunities for this important group of county residents, please contact the Currituck Senior Center at 252-232-3505.

Volunteer Fire Departments

Currituck County has six Volunteer Fire Departments that rely heavily on community participation to provide fire protection for homes, businesses, churches, schools and other structures throughout the county. Though Currituck employs a smaller number of paid Emergency Medical Services paramedics who also receive fire training, the Volunteer Fire Departments provide the bulk of fire protection services.

Along with fire suppression positions, there are many other opportunities for county residents to give back to their community. Supported by Currituck County government and the Currituck Fire-EMS Advisory Board, the Volunteer Fire Departments hope to increase the number of volunteers throughout Currituck.

Volunteers can arrange to participate on a variety of levels, from a limited time-frame that fits well with employment and family obligations to a more vested, encompassing approach. Many participants will also find that Fire Protection is an exciting and attractive career opportunity, and a number of volunteers move on to become paid professional firefighters.

Citizens can contact any of the six Volunteer Fire Departments to learn more information on becoming a Volunteer. Members of the Volunteer Fire Departments will also arrange visits to the station that allow prospective participants to discuss the opportunity in a one-on-one situation. Each Volunteer participant will receive the necessary training to make this venture an enjoyable and successful opportunity.

Contact one of Currituck County's six Volunteer Fire Departments to find out how you can become a member of a dedicated and professional organization. You may also contact the Currituck County Fire Marshal , at 252-232-6641.