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Currituck County Rural Center

The Currituck County Rural Center is located in Currituck County in Powells Point, NC off North Spot Road.·The Currituck County·Rural Center is maintained for the education, cultural and recreational enrichment of the public and for the benefit of the citizens and visitors of Currituck County.

The best part of all is that the park is free to the public and is currently open. There are some fees associated with special programming or events.

For more information about renting the facility or any other questions about the park, you may call the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Currituck County Center  at 252-232-2262.

Fee Schedule

Facility Rental Fees - the promoter will have exclusive rights to the grounds.
  Complete facility rental fee:
Each additional day thereafter is:
Picnic Shelter- half day rental:
Picnic Shelter- full day rental:
Minimum fee:

$ 500.00 per day
$100.00 per day
$ 25.00 per day/per room (up to 4 hours)
$ 50.00 per day/per room (up to 8 hours)
$ 25.00

Indoor Arena
    $ 175.00 per weekend day
$ 125.00 per week day
  Hourly rental of indoor arena: $ 25.00 per hour
  Indoor Arena Use on Weekends: $ 10.00 per horse / per weekend day / 5 horse minimum
Outdoor Arena
    $ 125.00 per weekend day
$ 100.00 per week day
  Hourly rental of outdoor arena: $ 25.00 per hour
Park Attendant
    $ 20.00 per hour - nights / weekends / holidays
Stall Rental
  Overnight, no event:
With event:

$ 35.00 per nights
$ 15.00 day stall
$ 25.00 2 day show
$ 30.00 3 day show
  Shavings must be used with any stall rental. No one can stall a horse without shavings.
  Shavings: $ 6.75 per bag
Vendor Hook-up
    $ 25.00 per day
RV Sites
    $ 25.00 a night

Returned check/credit card/eft fee

    $ 25.00

Contact Information

Cameron Lowe, County Extension Director
120 Community Way
Barco, NC· 27917
Phone: 252-232-2262
Fax: 252-453-2782


Monday-Friday (Excluding Holidays)
8:00 a.m. - Sunset

Note: The Indoor arena is closed after 5:00 p.m. on·weekdays and all day on weekends. Reservations may be made by calling North Carolina Cooperative Extension office at 252-232-2262. Please call by Wednesday to schedule weekend riding.  


Take 168 South to Powells Point, turn left on North Spot Road, turn left on·Milburn Sawyer Road.

The physical address is: 
184 Milburn Sawyer Road
Powells Point, North Carolina 27966

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