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Residential Airpark Development (RAD)

In 1998, the Currituck County zoning ordinance was amended to include guidelines for property to be zoned for Residential Airpark Development (RAD). One or more property owners with forty or more contiguous acres of land that is adjacent to the airport may request that their property be rezoned RAD.

Property zoned RAD is not allowed more than two points of entry onto airport property, and such entry points are subject to the approval of the Airport Board. The right of ways that will accommodate air traffic between the RAD property and the airport must be at least sixty feet wide.

Plans have also been developed by a private property owner for a 42-acre residential airpark located adjacent to the airport property along its northwest side. Fully developed, the residential airpark would have 18 residences, each with individual hangar spaces and a shared taxiway to the airport.