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Corolla Solid Waste Compliments, Complaints and Request

If you have a concern with your solid waste, or you think you do, let someone know. Do it while you think of it. Register your complaints, compliment a courteous service person or request to have your trash can replaced.

Currituck County has contracted with Bay Disposal & Recycling, a private company, to handle Corolla resident's solid waste collection. If you have a question about your service you may call Bay Disposal & Recycling, Powells Point location at 252-491-5105 during regular business hours or report electronically by utilizing their online reporting system tracEZ, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Use tracEZ To Report

  • Bulk Pick-up
  • Landscape Debris Issues
  • Trash Pick-up Issues
  • Cart Repair 
  • Compliments
  • File Complaints 
  • New Cart 
  • Replace Cart 

Three (3) Ways To Use tracEZ


After you log your information you will receive  the following message "Thank you for your submission.
Your reference ID number is ######."