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Contact Information
Laurie LoCicero,
Assistant Director

Land Use Plan Advisory Documents

Board of Commissioners Vision Statement

This is the Commissioners' vision statement for the County generated during the January 2016 Retreat.

Public Survey Results

« Corolla

Opportunities and Challenges

Plan Elements
« Infrastructure and County Services
      « Policy Guide
      « Public Faciities Map
      « Water Systems Map
      « Wastewater Systems Map
« Transportation and Mobility
      « The Albemarle Commission Presentation (Prezi file)
      « Transportation Policy Guide
      « Transportation Map
« Environment
       « Division of Coastal Management Presentation
       « The Nature Conservancy Presentation
« Parks and Recreation
« Sense of Place

Board of Commissioners Map Exercise

These maps are an exercise completed by the Commissioners at the January 2016 Retreat.  Commissioners noted on maps areas within the County for potential infrastructure, ecological, cultural or commercial growth or development.

« Northern Currituck
« Southern Currituck
« Corolla/Carova

Steering Committee Map Exercise

      These working maps completed in spring 2017 by the Land Use Plan Steering Committee show the       members' ideas of future land use designations. 

 Reference Material