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Online permit feature a success 

The Currituck County Planning and Community Development Department provides an easy-to-use online system for citizens to apply for and receive building permits without having to visit a county office.  The "Citizen Self Service" feature was added to the county website in January and has proven to be a success.  So far, more than 400 building and trade permits have been issued through the online system.

Citizen Self Service not only saves the applicant from traveling to and from a county office, but it can also reduce the time necessary to receive a permit.  County staff strives for a 24 to 48 hour review time for each online permit application.  Review time depends on the complexity of the application and county staff continues to work with customers to increase efficiency of the online system.

The focus on providing online access for permits has reduced the need for in-person Express permitting at county offices.  Beginning on September 5, 2017, Express permit applications will only be received at the mainland permit office on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 8:00 - 11:30 a.m.  This will allow additional time for staff to process online applications and issue permits more quickly.

Applicants should remember that permits in a VE flood zone cannot be processed as an express permit due to the longer review process. Outside of express permitting hours, citizens can still visit the mainland permit office to receive quality customer service and a standard 3 to 5 day permit review timeframe.

Citizens with any questions or concerns may contact Bill Newns, Chief Building Inspector, at 252-232-6023 or