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MyCigna Website User Tips

Take My Health Assessment

Taking a health assessment on is easy, confidential and only takes about 15 minutes.

Follow these simple steps to get started taking your Health Assessment..

Step 1: Know your numbers
Before you start, you'll need some basic information:
      › Blood pressure numbers
      › Cholesterol levels
      › Height, weight and waist measurement

Step 2: Go to
     › Log into 
     › Go to the My Health tab

Direction One
          (Click photo for larger view)

     › Click on the Take My Health Assessment tile

Direction One  
      (Click photo for larger view)

   › Click Retake My Assessment or Take My Assessment.

 Direction One
         (Click photo for larger view)

   › Get started

Step 3: See where you stand

After you're finished, the program will analyze your answers and create a personal health report, including:
      › Information about potential risks
      › What you can do now to get healthier
      › Where to find resources and support

Step 4: Get moving!

With a better understanding of your health and potential risk factors, it's time to take action.
      › Cigna may invite you to take part in a helpful online coaching program
      › Share your report with your doctor and create a plan to improve your health
      › Use the tools and resources on myCigna to set and achieve healthy goals