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Moyock Mega-Site

The Moyock Mega-Site, is a long-term economic development plan developed for the County to bring employment and commercial opportunities to Currituck over the next three decades. The Mega-Site consists of over 3,000 acres adjacent to the border with Virginia and located on the western side of North Carolina 168/Caratoke Highway in Moyock.

The proposal balances commercial uses such as retail stores, medical offices, and even locations for high-tech industrial businesses with a variety of residential areas.

By planning for and investing in this site, the County looks to attract quality businesses, employers and developers in order to create an area where Currituck citizens can live, work and play as our population changes. Moyock Mega-Site Master Plan Diagram of Area and Services

June 13, 2017 Presentation to Planning Board

Carroll Collins with Kimley Horn and Associates presented the Moyock Mega-Site Master Plan to the Planning Board on Tuesday, June 13, 2017. Following the presentation, the Planning Board recommended adoption of the plan. The Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing on Monday, June 19, 2017 to discuss and take action on the plan.

The presentation covered:

  • Project Background
  • Market Feasibility Recommendations
  • Market Feasibility Next Steps 
  • Key elements of the Plan
  • Approach and Program Development
  • Master Plan Key Objectives
  • Gateway Development
  • Proposed Unified Development Ordinance Revision
  • Master Plan Next Steps 

» PowerPoint Presentation
» Moyock Mega-Site Master Plan Report

April 3, 2017 Presentation

On Monday, April 3, 2017 representatives Carroll Collins and Sal Musarra from Kimley-Horn and Associated, Inc. present the Moyock Mega-Site Master Plan to Currituck County Board of Commissioners. 

The presentation covered:  
  • Project Background  
  • Market Feasibility
  • Key elements of the Plan
  • Next Steps
» PowerPoint Presentation

Conceptual Moyock Area Plan

Moyock Mega-Site Conceptual Area Plan Mixed-Use Core Diagram   Moyock Mega-Site Conceptual Area Plan Transitional Area Core Diagram Moyock Mega-Site Conceptual Area Plan Diagram
Mixed-Use Core Transitional Area Overview

Moyock Mega-Site Market Feasibility Study

The Moyock Mega-Site Marketing Feasibility Study results was presented to the County July 2016.  The study was initiated to facilitate the assessment of the market a potential and feasibility for large scale, phased, mixed-use development located on a contiguous land area of approximately 3,000 acres in the Village of Moyock, Currituck County, North Carolina.

The County has decided to proactively get a better handle on potential economic development
opportunities that will allow them to capitalize on the increased market demand, specifically in Moyock, for
light industrial, office, multi-family residential, single family residential, and commercial/retail
developments that have risen over the recent past.

A challenge to taking advantage of these opportunities, is Moyock's lack of planned, "shovel ready"
development sites or existing buildings to satisfy potential demand. The local private development sector
has not yet effectively been able to deliver this product to the marketplace. In addition to being in a
position to better meet current demand, several regional, national, and international trends and events are
indicating increased demand and opportunity to grow the County's non-residential tax base.

With a site of this scale, the approach must be a long-term development strategy that will result in a
focused area of community and private investment that will foster a strong employment center capable of
meeting the County's existing and anticipated future demand. The findings from the market feasibility
study and related engineering and environmental due diligence is the first step to determining the best
approach for developing the Moyock Mega-Site over the next 30 years.

Read the complete study...

Moyock Master Plan Development Summary

Site Acres Market Demand Variance
Subtotal 505 200 305
Subtotal 123 25 98
Office + Industrial
Subtotal 141 200 -59
Subtotal 91 50 41
Subtotal 785 920 -135
Legacy Residential
Subtotal 53    
Subtotal 193 110 83
Subtotal 325 350 -25
Subtotal 954 1,100 -146
Open Space
Subtotal 246 287 -41
Subtotal 236 350 -114
Total 3,652 3,392 260

The totals are a glance at what is outlined in the Development Summary. The complete summary list the sites, acres per site, how many parks an much more.