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Hurricane Center

View the Currituck County Hurricane Safety Guide. To receive a copy in the mail, contact Emergency Management at 252-232-2115. 

As a coastal community, Currituck County must be prepared for the possibility of hurricanes. Though these storms may often cause widespread damage due to high wind, rain and storm surge, early preparation for hurricanes is vital to ensuring safety. Residents of Currituck County must be ready should a hurricance approach. Being prepared well ahead of time will help protect lives and property. - Spanish language website for hurricane preparation

Hurricane Evacuation Map - English

Hurricane Evacuation Map - Spanish 

Citizens should utilize the information found on to help prepare for extreme weather events such as hurricanes. Tips provided by Currituck Emergency Management include pre-storm readiness, evacuation reminders and post-storm re-entry information.

Currituck Emergency Management works with the Department of Social Services to maintain an EVACUATION ASSISTANCE REGISTRY. This is a database of county residents who may require assistance or transportation during an evacuation due to medical concerns or other reasons. This registry also includes a listing of citizens who would be able to help others during a hurricane. This may include offering evacuation assistance ahead of the storm, or distributing supplies after the hurricane passes.

To register for Evacuation Assistance or sign up as a helper, complete an Evacuation Assistance form and return it to Currituck Emergency Management.

To speak with Currituck Emergency Management regarding any aspect of hurricane preparation, evacuation, re-entry or the Evacuation Assistance Registry, contact the EM office at 252-232-2115.