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Currituck County Goes Green Initiative  

Sustainability Means...

Focusing on the environmental, economic, and social characteristics of our community in order to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.


To provide leadership, education, and opportunities that help government, staff, citizens, and businesses operate in a manner to conserve, sustain and enhance our environment and natural resources.


Recognizing our interdependence with the natural world while meeting the needs of the
current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their
own needs.

Core Value

To identify and adhere to best management practices that will provide for the
conservation of:

Air Quality
Water Quality and Conservation
Land Use
Forestry and Wildlife
Energy and Fuels
Protection of Eco-systems and Critical Habitats

Our Vision

  1. The establishment and maintenance of a steering committee of
    representatives to develop a strategic plan that focuses on a comprehensive
    approach to sustainable communities.
  2. Create a public vision for a greener Currituck through awareness and
  3. Provide demonstrations and trials that will increase the adoption of best
    management practices.
  4. Develop an inventory of environmental resources and map them for future
    use and as a reference for land use planning.
  5. Provide training and education for public officials and practitioners that will
    increase the ability to make informed decisions and implement best
    management practices.
  6. To create a sustainable development model that will serve as one of the
    premiere examples of comprehensive approaches to development.
  7. Strive to incorporate the use of the latest technology for implementing
    planning, design, and evaluation of best management practices in sustainability.

Target Strategies

Waste Reduction
Green Building
Alternative fuels
Renewable and Alternative Energy
Energy Conservation
Clean Up Campaigns
Household Hazardous Waste
Environmental Education
Farm Waste Management and Pesticide recycling
Nutrient Management
Horticulture and Landscape Practices
Pollution and emissions reduction
Hazardous and Natural Disaster Planning
Green Procurement
Low Impact Development
Retrofitting of existing facilities and private homes
Open Space Preservation
Biological Conservation
Protection of Fish and Wildlife
Forest Stewardship
Ecological Restoration
Agriculture Preservation
Green Economic Development