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History of Geographic Information System (GIS)

Currituck County began its quest to implement a Geographic Information System (GIS) in 1995 with the acquisition of digital orthophotography and digitized property boundaries. Initially, all maintenance of the property boundary information was performed within the Tax Department, and other GIS functions were performed within the Planning and Inspections Department, as these departments were the primary users of GIS technology.

Over the course of implementation, the focus of GIS began to shift from a few individual departments to a countywide, multi-agency system. Because GIS is an all-encompassing technology, many other County departments began to realize the benefits of GIS technology and needed to have their own information created.

In June 2002, GIS was moved from the Planning and Inspections Department into the newly-created Information Technology Services Department (ITS), where GIS services and technical support are provided to all County departments, staff, boards, commissions, etc.

Today, GIS continues to create new data, update existing data, manage various projects, and provide the means for other departments to utilize GIS technology in their decision-making efforts.

With the acquisition of new digital color orthophotography, integration to new and advanced software, and the implementation of new GIS and mapping techniques, GIS will continue its base mission: to provide accurate and up-to-date mapping of the physical, social, cultural, and natural environment of Currituck County.