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Central Permitting - Online Services, Applications, Forms & Brochures

The forms and services listed below are provided for your convenience. This table shows which forms may be downloaded, printed, and mailed/delivered, and which forms may be completed and submitted online.

Appendix B for Commercial Building checkmark-red1.gif    
Building Permit Manufactured Home checkmark-red1.gif   checkmark-red1.gif*
Building Permit Non-Residential   checkmark-red1.gif   checkmark-red1.gif*
Building Permit Residential checkmark-red1.gif   checkmark-red1.gif*
CAMA Minor checkmark-red1.gif    
Contractor Affidavit checkmark-red1.gif    
Driveway Culvert Certificate  checkmark-red1.gif    
Owner Exemption Affidavit
Citizens Self Service Usage Guide     
Sign Permit  
Temporary Use Permit

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*Citizen Self Service

Citizen Self Service is now open to the public to allow the user to access their building permits online, apply for specific building permits, view inspection results, and pay for fees with a credit card.

To register for the online Citizen Self Service program just click Register and complete the online registration. Once you have created your account, staff will approve your request and sent you your personal Customer ID (CID) in an email. You will not be able to apply for any permits until you have received your personnel Customer ID.

When applying for a permit, you will need to supply the following information:
  • User Name
  • First and last name
  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
For help with the Citizens Self Service program take a moment to review our User Guide.