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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What garbage and trash collection services does the County provide its citizens?
A. Currituck County has eight (8) Manned Convenience Centers for residential solid waste collection and recycling.

Commercial, industrial, and other solid waste in quantities too large for the Manned Convenience Centers must be taken to the Currituck Transfer Station located at 216 Airport Road, Maple. All agricultural pesticide containers must also be taken to the Currituck Transfer Station.

On the Currituck Outer Banks, curbside trash and recycling pickup is available from Pine Island to the end of the paved road in Corolla. This service is provided via a contract with Bay Disposal, Inc. To sign up for new service in this area, call Bay Disposal, Inc., at 252-491-5105.

Q. Are Currituck Outer Banks homes that have trash pick-up required to have a certain number of solid waste and recycling containers?

A. Yes. Section 11-30 and 11-31 of the Code of Ordinances address the number of solid waste containers and recycling containers required for residential units in the RO1 and RO2 districts. In Section 11-30, the County now requires all residential units in the RO1 and RO2 districts to have a minimum of one (1) solid waste container.

Furthermore, every residential vacation unit in the RO1 and RO2 districts must have a minimum of one (1) solid waste container for each two (2) bedrooms in the residential vacation rental unit. For example, a residential vacation rental unit with three (3) bedrooms would be required to have two (2) solid waste containers. For further clarification, the ordinance defines a bedroom as any room that provides a facility for sleeping, including, but not limited to, day beds (or other convertibles), sleeper sofas or couches, hide-a-beds, cots, roll-away beds, or cribs.

In Section 11-31, the County requires every residential unit in the RO1 and RO2 districts to have a minimum of one (1) recycling container. Furthermore, all residential vacation rental units are required to have a minimum of one (1) recycling container for every three (3) solid waste containers set forth in Section 11-30.

Q. What is a Swap Shop?
A. The Public Works department oversees a Swap Shop, or drop off location for donated used items such as furniture, bicycles, lawn mowers, etc. Citizens can leave, pick up, or “swap” items free of charge. The Swap Shop is located at the Manned Convenience Center, 426 Shawboro Rd. (NC 34).

Q. Where can I find information regarding mosquito-borne illness and prevention measures?
A. The N.C. Department of Health and Human Services provides information on the three main insect pests of public health significance.