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Frequently Asked Questions - Inspections

Q. What Building Code does Currituck County enforce?
A. Currituck County enforces the North Carolina State Building Code, which is the 2009 International Building Code with North Carolina Amendments. For further information, contact the Building Inspector’s office or the Department of Insurance at 919-661-5880. The state building codes are also available online at Due to Currituck County’s location in a 120 mph wind zone, the requirements of Chapter 44 of the NC Residential Code for 1 & 2 Family Dwellings will apply.

Q. Are there special requirements for windows/doors in Currituck County?
A. Yes. All windows, exterior doors, and overhead garage doors must meet a minimum design pressure or DP rating. Design Pressure (DP) ratings are determined by the mean roof height of the structure. Information on minimum design pressure ratings is located in Chapter 44, Table 4002 (A) and 4002(B) of the NC State Building Code (2009 International Building Code with North Carolina Amendments).

Q. What type of inspections will be required for my building permit?
A. This will vary, depending on the type of permit being applied for. For this information, please refer to the Inspection Procedure Handout which is available at the building permit offices on the Mainland and Corolla.

Inspections must be scheduled one working day in advance, by 4:00 p.m. This can be done in person at either of the building permit offices listed below or by calling and leaving the required information on the inspection scheduling mailbox.

Q. Do I have to be present for the inspections?
A. While it is not always required that someone be present at the inspections, it is always better to have someone on the jobsite, to whom the Building Inspector can explain the inspection report. The inspector must have access to all areas that must be inspected. Owners acting as their own general contractor must be present at all inspections.

To find out approximately what time your inspection will occur, you may contact the building permit offices after 8:30 a.m., for a two (2) hour window of time that the inspector will be at the jobsite. Please note this time is only an approximate time, given as a courtesy, and is subject to change.