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County Pledges Too... 

Reduce Energy Usage

Currituck County's approximate power bill for 2008 is $450,000. The county will try to reduce the energy usage by 10% for a $45,000 savings in 2009.

Implement practices that can save energy by:
  • Turning off lights and electronics when not in frequent use
  • Tightening existing building to seal air leaks with weather stripping, sealants, insulation or caulking
  • Using the most efficient light source for the application: i.e. compact fluorescent and high - performance fluorescent systems
  • Buying Energy Star heating and cooling systems
  • Using automatic controls to turn off lights or dim lights
  • Tuning up HVAC equipment yearly
  • Installing programmable thermostats
  • Changing air filters regularly
  • Sealing heating and cooling ducts
  • Educate staff 

Reduce Waste

The tipping fee for just one ton of trash is $68.00, whereas one ton of recyclables fee is $45.00. For every ton recycled the County will save $23.00  per ton.
Implement practices to reduce waste by:
  • Printing double sided and only when needed
  • Recycling and eliminate use of plastics
  • Purchasing office supplies containing recycled materials including paper,pens, and other office products
  • Canceling unnecessary publications and unwanted mail
  • Eliminating paper files and save documents electronically
  • Make use of technology!