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My Health Assessment
$140 one time

My Annual Preventive Exam or Well Woman Exam
$250 one time

My Lifestyle Management Program
$100 one time

My Health Coaching Calls

$100 one time

My Online Coaching Program

$50 each
Max 2 per year

My Cancer Screenings
$100 one time

My Monthly Activity
$30 per month
Max $360 per year

My Healthy Pregnancy Healthy Babies
$150 or $75 one time

Currituck County Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee has been around for several years and is made up of representatives from various departments. The committee meets every other month, usually on the second Tuesday of the month at 8:15 a.m. in the Cooperative Extension Building.

The goal of the committee is to promote health and fitness among our county employees. Healthier employees make for more productive employees. Becoming healthier and fit decreases insurance claims and time away from work, which is good for the County and especially good for the individual employee.

If your department is not represented on the committee, please talk with your Department Head about designating a representative. The committee welcomes input from all the departments.

Meeting Dates for 2017 - Meetings are held on Tuesday unless otherwise noted.

January 17
March 14
April 11
Friday, May 5 - Health Day
June 13
July 11
September 19
Friday, September 22 - Run@Work
November 14   - CANCELLED

Wellness Committee

Olivia Jones, Chairman
Amy Underhill 
Angelia Siddle
Stephanie Leahey
Debbie LaShomb 
Stacy Joseph
James Mims
Kim Dozier-Smichnick
Lindsay Voohees
Kristina Ussery
Deborah Cavelcante
Sarah Alford
Sheila Gregory
Debra Embrey 
Samantha Norvell
Rebecca Gay
Sarah Tyson
Donna Keene
Cooperative Extension
Albemarle Regional Health Services
Parks and Recreation
Social Services
Planning and Community Development
Senior Citizens Center
Fire Marshall
Soil & Water Conservation
Sheriff's Office
Emergency Medical Services
Cooperative Extension
Information Technology Services
YMCA Representative 
Emergency Management
Human Resources
Public Works  

Special Thanks

The Wellness Committee members would like to offer special thanks to the following people for their help with  the Incentive Awards Program:

Cameron Lowe
Dan Scanlon
Dean Mattix  
Cooperative Extension
County Manager
Currituck Family YMCA