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Employee Cigna Vision Plan

The information below is a brief overview of your Cigna Vision Plan provided to Currituck County Employees.

For more information check out the expanded Summary of Vision Benefits for this plan and additional carrier information. 

Examinations 12 months
Lenses 12 months
Frame 24 months
Contact Lenses  12 months




Exam Copay $10 N/A
Exam Allowance

100% after Copay

up to $45
Material Copay  $20 N/A
Single Vision Lenses

100% after Copay

up to $32
Lined Bifocal 100% after Copay up to $55
Lined Triocal  100% after Copay up to $65
Lenticular  100% after Copay up to $80
Frame  up to $120 up to $66
Contact Lens - Elective up to  $110  up to $98
Contact Lens - Therapeutic  Covered 100% up  to $210

** One pair or single purchase during your Frequency Period that begins on the 1st of your plan renewal month, July 1, 2017.

This chart is only a summary. Please see the evidence of coverage benefit booklet or disclosure form for the selected plan for a thorough description of its benefits, limitations, exclusions and conditions of coverage.