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Employee BeneFlex Saving Plan

Currituck County provides you the opportunity to pay for out-of-pocket medical, dental, vision and dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars through a Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). You can save approximately 25% of each dollar spent on these expenses when you participate in a  Flexible Spending Accounts .

A health care  Flexible Spending Accounts  is used to reimburse out-of-pocket medical expenses incurred by you and your dependents. A dependent care  Flexible Spending Accounts  is used to reimburse expenses related to care of eligible dependents while you and your spouse work.

Contributions to your Flexible Spending Accounts come out of your paycheck before any taxes are taken out. This means that you don’t pay federal income tax, Social Security taxes, or state and local income taxes on the portion of your paycheck you contribute to your  Flexible Spending Accounts . You should contribute the amount of money you expect to pay out of pocket for eligible expenses for the plan period.

If you do not use the money you contributed to your BeneFlex plan only $500 of the amount you contribute will rollover into the new plan year which is July 1st of each calendar year. Any amount over $500 will lose.

The maximum that you can contribute to the Health Care Flexible Spending account is $3,000 per year. A $3.00 monthly fee will be deducted from you pay on the first check of the month.

The maximum that you can contribute to the Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account is $5,000 per year if you are a single employee or married filing jointly, or $2,500 per year if you are married and filing separately.

If you already have an account set up, you may access it directly to check your account balance.

Summary Plan Description 

This Summary Plan Description (SPD) describes the basic features of the Beneflex (Cafeteria) Plan, how it operates, and how to get the maximum advantage from it. The Summary does not describe every detail of the
Plan and is not meant to interpret or change the provisions of your Plan.

A copy of your Flexible Benefit Plan is in Human Resources office and may be read by you, your Beneficiaries, or your legal representatives.