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Currituck Alert

everbridge-screen.jpgCurrituck County has acquired another tool to improve communications with the public during emergency events. The Everbridge system is capable of sending mass alerts through a variety of mechanisms, including cell phones, landlines, email and text messages.

By using Everbridge, Currituck County can alert citizens and businesses about any types of hazardous conditions that may impact the public, such as severe weather, evacuation orders, flooding and wildfires. It may also be used during non-emergency times to notify residents of important public meetings and community events.

Citizens listed in the 9-1-1 database of landlines will be automatically subscribed to this free service, entitled "Currituck Alert." or sign up on the Everbridge website to self-register additional contact points, such as a cellphone.

Currituck Alert ensures the county will be able to react quickly and efficiently in the case of an emergency and is a critical component of the emergency response system.