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Currituck Sheriff's "RAIDS Online" Crime Map

ccso badge Currituck Sheriff's Office is partnering with BAIR Analytics Inc. to provide a public crime mapping website called RAIDS Online to make it easier for Currituck citizens to keep track of crime in their area. This new site will eventually replace the current crime map site

If you previously signed up for alerts at you are urged to transition to the new web site. You will find that the new site has more information and is easier to sign-up for e-mail alerts for your neighborhood, and also includes a simple way to submit anonymous crime tips thru Tip-411 web site.

RAIDS Online will:

  • analyzes crime data
  • maps crime data
  • alerts Currituck citizens about crimes in their area
  • and allows the Currituck Sheriff's Office to quickly alert the public about crimes as they occur.

Citizens can easily move between the map, data grid and analytics to learn about the crime that concerns them the most. The detailed online help tutorials can easily get you started and guide you to just what you are look for

The Currituck Sheriff's Office first goal for implementing RAIDS Online is to offer information to everyone about crime in the county and alert the public, as soon as, possible of crimes occurring in their area so that they can be CrimeLine 252-232-6070better informed. Having an awareness of the true nature and volume of crime in one's community is the first step to its prevention and suppression.

Our second goal is to provide a way to help get any information available to us about the crimes. For this we have implemented Tip-411, and a New Crimeline 252-232-6070 to leave Crime related information. Both goals foster Community Policing, which is something the Sheriff's Office strongly believes in.