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Services A - Z

9-1-1 Emergencies See Communications
A Adoption See Social Services
  Adult Programs See Senior Center
  Ambulance See Emergency Medical
  Animal Control  
  Attorney See County Attorney
B Birth Certificates See Register of Deeds
  Budget See Finance Department
  Building Maintenance See Public Works
  Building Permits See Planning & Inspections
C Child Support See NC Dept. of Health & Human Services 
  Circuit Court See Clerk of Court
  Clerk of Court  
  Cooperative Extension  
D Death Certificates See Register of Deeds
  Deeds See Register of Deeds
  Delinquent Taxes See Tax Department
  Driver's License See NC Division of Motor Vehicles
E Education See Schools
  Economic Development  
  Emergency Management  
  Emergency Medical  
  Emergency Preparedness See Emergency Management
  Employment See Human Resources
  Estates/Wills See Register of Deeds
F Facilities See Public Works
  Family Services See Social Services
  Fire Departments  
  Fire Marshal  
  Flood Zones See Planning and Inspections
  Foster Care See Social Services
G Guardian Ad Litem See Clerk of Court
H Human Resources  
I Information Technology Services  
J Jail  
  Job Opportunities See Human Resources 
K Kid's First Program  See Social Services 
L  Law Enforcement  See Sheriff's Office 
  License Plate Agency  See NC Division of Motor Vehicles 
  Liens  See Tax Department 
M  Magistrate See Clerk of Court 
  Marriage License  See Register of Deeds 
  Mosquito Control See Public Works
  Motor Vehicle Tax Bill See Tax Department
O Ordinances See Planning & Inspections
P Parks See Parks & Recreation
  Personal Property Tax See Tax Department
  Personnel See Human Resources
  Pet Adoptions See Humane Society
  Planning & Inspections  
  Police See Sheriff's Office
  Probate Court See Clerk of Court
  Property Assessments/Values See Tax Department
  Property Deeds See Register of Deeds
  Public Defender See Clerk of Court
  Public Information/Citizen Affairs  
  Public Works  
R Real Estate Searches  
  Recreation See Parks & Recreation
  Recycling See Public Works
  Register of Deeds  
  Roads See Transportation
S Senior Center  
  Sheriff's Office  
  Small Claims Court See Clerk of Court
  Social Services  
  Soil and Water Conservation  
  Solid Waste/Recycling See Public Works
T Tax Bill See Tax Department
  Title Searches See Register of Deeds
V Voter Registration See Elections
W Warrants See Sheriff's Office
  Water See Water Department

See Clerk of Court

Y Youth Programs See Parks & Recreation
Z Zoning Permits See Planning & Inspections