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Water Department

The Currituck County Water Department is dedicated to providing you, the customer, with a safe, high quality and reliable water supply that meets or exceeds all federal and state drinking water requirements.

Our goal is to produce and distribute our product in the most efficient way, while maintaining sufficient pressure for our customers and fire protection needs. We are committed to providing professional and courteous services to satisfy the needs of our customers while maintaining our commitment to quality, excellence and support.

The Water Department services over 4,800 active accounts and employs 13 people, including nine production/distribution employees and four administrative employees.

The water system is self-supporting and uses no tax dollars in its operating funds.

Pay Your Bill OnLine With Visa or Mastercard

Currituck County Water Department is pleased to offer online payments through MUNIS OnLine services. Customers may now pay their water and sewer bills with Visa or MasterCard online at their convenience. There is no additional charge for this service.

Read instructions and a link to the MUNIS Online Bill Payment page.

Electronic Funds Transfer

With EFT service, your water or sewer bill payment is deducted from your checking account on the due date printed on your bill.

Fill out the Electronic Fund Transfer Enrollment Form.

What This Department Does

  • Produces and delivers potable water for County residents.
  • Installs new water services and meters for individual property owners.
  • Maintains and repairs County-owned water mains, service lines, and metering equipment.
  • Reads meters for billing.
  • Calculates, produces, mails, and collects bills for water and sewer services.
  • Tests private well water.
  • Locate water lines for customers who are digging -  Call 811 before you dig. For more information about the 811 service and digging check out this short video.

What This Department Does Not Do

  • Install supply lines from meters to dwellings or buildings.
  • Diagnose or repair customer plumbing problems.
  • Advise customers on well or septic tank/field placement.

Pouring Fat, Oil, or Grease Down the Sink Can Damage the Sewer System

Did you know that each time you pour fat, oil, or grease (FOG) down the sink, you may contribute to a costly problem in the sewer system. FOG coats the inner walls of underground piping and the plumbing in your home.

Over time, these greasy materials build up and form blockages in pipes, which can lead to wastewater backing up into your home or business, overflowing in the streets, and finding its way into storm drains and onto beaches.

Learn more from the Currituck FOG Brochure.

Contact Information

444 Maple Road
Maple, NC 27956
Phone: 252-232-2769
Fax: 252-453-3721

The Water Department Administrative Office is located at 444 Maple Rd., Maple, N.C.

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

AFTER HOURS EMERGENCIES: Call Currituck Central at 252-232-3732