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The North Carolina Utilities Commission is responsible to both the public and utilities under General Statute 62-2 to provide fair regulation of public utilities in the interest of the public and promote adequate, reliable, and economical utility service.


Dominion NC Power

The vast majority of Currituck is within the service area of Dominion NC Power, an operating unit of Dominion Resources. Dominion and its operating companies are committed to working within communities to improve the amenities that make a place livable while helping to create an environment for new business development.

When businesses are looking to build new facilities, seeking headquarters sites or expanding their sales areas, Dominion works with local government, community and business leaders to make the communities we serve more attractive. In effect, the Dominion companies are shareholders in the communities they serve, with investments measured in jobs created, taxes paid and local goods and services purchased. Yet, these elements yield only a status quo.

The real dividends -- new businesses which create new jobs and new sources of revenue, are earned through contributions designed to encourage the real growth that improves the fabric of the community for all its members.

Albemarle Electric Membership Corporation

A small portion of the mainland is within the service area of Albemarle Electric Membership Corporation, a rural cooperative. Working with county Albemarle EMC provides a wide array of support for businesses seeking to start, expand, or relocate within its service area including:

  • assistance with site identification
  • energy audit services
  • assistance with market research
  • flexibility in rate design
  • power quality services
  • loan and grant assistance
  • demographic analysis

Natural Gas

Eastern North Carolina Natural Gas

EasternNC is a local distribution company that provides natural gas service to 14 rural counties in the eastern part of the state. EasternNC is jointly owned by Piedmont Natural Gas and the Albemarle Pamlico Development Corporation (APEC).

EasternNC owns the transmission and distribution pipeline system and operates as a public utility regulated by the North Carolina Utilities Commission. Construction is being funded from $188.3 million in state bonds and a $22 million investment by Piedmont Natural Gas.

In Currituck, natural gas lines are along NC 34 from the Camden line to NC 168 where it branches northward to Moyock and southward to the intersection of US 158 at Barco. The transmission continues along US 158 to the Currituck Sound at Point Harbor.


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