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Currituck’s transportation system is part of the second largest state-maintained transportation system in the nation. The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) directs, plans, constructs, maintains and operates ferry and highway systems in Currituck.

airplane at the Currituck Regional AirportAir

General Aviation -- The Currituck Regional Airport is owned and operated by the County. In 1991, a seven-member Airport Advisory Authority comprised of Currituck County citizen volunteers was created. The Authority makes recommendations to the Currituck County Board of Commissioners on airport construction, enlargement, and improvement, in addition to maintenance, equipment, operation, and regulation.

Commercial Aviation -- Norfolk International Airport is southeastern Virginia's dominant airport serving the Greater Hampton Roads area and northeastern North Carolina. Norfolk International Airport offers nearly 200 arrivals and departures daily to major cities throughout the United States. The airport presently ranks in the country's top 65 airports in terms of passengers served annually, with 3.4 million served in 2003. The airport has a tremendous economic impact on southeast Virginia and northeast North Carolina.

Hwy. 168Highways

North/South Corridor
NC 168 is a five lane highway that serves as the major north south corridor from the Virginia line to the intersection of US 158 at Barco. From this point, NC 168 joins US 158 and continues south to Outer Banks into Dare County via the 4 lane divided span Wright Memorial Bridge.

East/West Corridors

US 158 is the major east-west intrastate corridor from the Outer Banks to the interior of the State. NC 34 also links NC 168 at Silgo to US 158 in Camden.

Currituck - Knotts Island FerryFerries

Ferry service links the Currituck mainland with Knotts Island. The only road access for residents of this remote area is through Virginia. North Carolina Department of Transportation has information on schedules, routes and the North Carolina Ferry System.


Rail service in Currituck is provided by the Chesapeake & Albemarle Railroad, an operating unit of Rail America, the world's largest short line and regional freight railroad operator. Albemarle & Chesapeake has interconnections with CSX and Norfolk Southern lines.

Intracoastal Waterway

TIntracoastal Waterwayhe Intracoastal Waterway is 3,000 mi (4,827 km) long, partly natural, partly artificial, providing sheltered passage for commercial and leisure boats along the U.S. Atlantic coast from Boston, Mass. to Key West, S Fla., and along the Gulf of Mexico coast from Apalachee Bay, NW Fla., to Brownsville, Tex., on the Rio Grande. The Albemarle portion of the waterway in Currituck is among the waterway's most often used canals along the Atlantic route. This toll-free waterway is maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers.

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