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Tax Department

Currituck Judicial CenterThe Tax Department lists, assesses, and collects property taxes on over 24,000 real property parcels, and more than 2000 businesses and personal property listings in Currituck County. It is the Tax Department’s responsibility to assure that all properties are assessed fairly and equitably.

The Tax Department also collects the county occupancy (lodging) tax from hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, and vacation cottages. The department is also responsible for determining the amount of land transfer tax that is due when property is sold or leased.

A majority of Currituck County’s general fund comes from property taxes.Property owners each pay a share of the cost of County services by paying taxes proportional to the value of their property. Property taxes are based on the assessed value of land, buildings, and personal property. The Tax Rate is the same for real estate as it is for personal property such as vehicles, boats, and business equipment.

New North Carolina Tax & Tag Together Program
Since September 2013, your annual vehicle inspection, registration renewal and vehicle property tax became due the same month.

Vehicle renewal registrations and tax payments are now made together in one payment (either in person, online or by mail) to the DMV

Watch this short video to learn about paying your vehicle's taxes and registration fee together.

For more information vist the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles.

OnLine Tools

Interactive OnLine Mapping - The Currituck County GIS OnLine Mapping Application is designed to provide basic information to the general public about property located within Currituck County.

Property Records Search  - Online search of property assessment information.
Tax Bills & Online Bill Pay   - Online search of tax bills and pay your taxes online.
Vehicle Tax & Tag Together - Online payment of vehicle taxes and registration fee. 
Vehicle Tax Receipts - Login to MyDMV with your social security number and birthday to obtain a statement
                                     or property taxes paid to DMV on your vehicles.

What This Department Does
  • Appraises real estate, mobile homes, motor vehicles, boats, motors, jet skis, rental residential personal property, and business personal property for ad valorem property taxes purposes
  • Calculates, creates, and collects all real and personal property taxes for all taxing jurisdictions within Currituck County
  • Administers and collects occupancy/lodging taxes
  • Receives and processes allocations for tax exemptions, exclusions, and deferments
  • Updates and maintains current addresses for real estate property owners for tax billing
  • Processes motor vehicles valuation appeals and tax prorations
  • Provides tax information to the public and legal professionals
What This Department Does Not Do
  • No longer collects taxes on most registered motor vehicels. Most motor vehicle taxes are paid along with the vehicle registration fee. You can pay the taxes & registration fee at the DMV Website .
  • Set property tax rates. Tax rates are set by the Board of County Commissioners in June each year.
  • Determine how taxes are used
  • Have available State and Federal incomes tax forms. 
          State income tax forms
          Federal income tax forms
  • Issue business licenses
  • Have available information on property liens and/or personal judgments
  • Handle maintenance of streets, roads, highways, or ditches; see NC Department of Transportation
  • Issue license stickers for motor vehicles (No special County decal is required); see NC Division of Motor Vehicles 
Common Terms

Ad Valorem Tax
-- (Latin for "according to value") A tax imposed on properties in proportion to each one's value. The most common are the ad valorem taxes imposed on real and personal property, which are based on the assessed or appraised values.

Appraised Property Value-- Also known as Actual or Fair Market Value, is the true market value of a property.

Assessed Property Value-- The value as determined by the assessor and the value on which a property will be taxed. This value is the estimated actual value of a property on the date of the last county-wide revaluation. (If a property did not exist at the last revaluation its assessed value will be what the actual value would have been had it existed at the time of the last revaluation.

Contact Information

Tracy Sample
Currituck County Tax Department
P.O. Box 9
2801 Caratoke Hwy
Currituck, NC 27929
Phone: 252-232-3005
Fax: 252-232-3568
Email: Send Tracy Sample an email

The Tax Department is located at the Currituck Judicial Center, 2801 Caratoke Hwy., Currituck, NC

Office Hours

Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.