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Tax Parcel Data Download

The following files are available for download. Spreadsheet and database programs such as Excel, MS Access,  etc. can be used to access, sort, create mailing list, labels and manipulate the data as needed. 

If you have any questions related to the file, please contact the Tax Office. However, Tax Office staff will not be able to provide assistance on how to use any word processing, spreadsheet, or database program.

The field "Parcel ID" is common to each file listed below. This field can be used to link the files..

The Parcel Data AA502NCCUR-PARCEL.xlsx contains one (1) record for each parcel. The file lists the:

Owner Name
Owner Address
Legal Description
Total Land Value
Total Building Value

The other files may contain zero or several records for a particular parcel. For example, the land file may contain multiple records if the land is composed of several different soil types. The building files may contain multiple records if there is more than one building on that parcel. If there is not a building on a parcel, there will not be a record in the building file for that parcel.

To download these files right click on the linked text, choose "Save target as...", choose where you want to save the file and click on "Save." It might help you find the files in the future if you set up a folder just for the Currituck Tax files.    

Data Type
File Date  File
Parcel Data Excel

June 23, 2017


Land Use Codes

Land Data Excel

June 23, 2017

PDF Land Codes
Residential Dwelling Data Excel

June 23, 2017

Commercial Building Data Excel

June 23, 2017

PDF Commercial Building Codes 
Other & Miscellaneous Building Data Excel

 June 23, 2017

PDF Other Building Codes