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Soil and Water Conservation

The Albemarle (Currituck) Soil & Water Conservation District develops and carries out a program of conservation and protection of soil and water resources to prevent loss of valuable topsoil and degradation of water quality.

Read the 2015-2106 Annual Report

Read "The Northeaster", a newsletter from the Albemarle Soil & Water Conservation District.

What This Department Does

  • Works with the Natural Resources Conservation Service and other agencies to assist and educate land users in proper care and use of land as it relates to soil and water conservation.
  • Provides services to farmers, homeowners, developers, and many other services.

District staff consists of a District Conservationist, District Technician, and District Administrator. Operating funds are provided by federal, state, and county sources.

What This Department Does Not Do

  • Conduct soil testing
  • Conduct water testing
  • Provide water hookups
  • Issue septic tank permits

Currituck Soil & Water District Supervisors

Manly M. West, Chairman
William Powell, Vice-Chairman
W. Harvey Roberts, Treasurer

The District Board of Supervisors meets on the second Thursday of every other month. Meetings are open to the public. Citizens interested in conservation are encouraged to attend.

Contact Information

Will Creef, Soil & Storm Water Technician
Kim Dozier-Smichnick, District Administrator
153 Courthouse Road,  Suite 501
Currituck, NC 27929
Phone: 252-232-3360

Office Hours

Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Office Location

2826 Caratoke Highway
Currituck, NC 27929

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