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Real Estate - Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What are real property documents?
A. Real property documents are documents that primarily deal with land in Currituck County. These documents include: Deeds, Deeds of Trust (Mortgages), Restrictions, Right of Way Easements, Subdivision Surveys, Leases, etc.

Q. Can the Register of Deeds add or delete names from a deed?
A. No. A deed is a legal document establishing property ownership. The Register of Deeds is prohibited by the State of North Carolina from practicing law. Therefore, the Register of Deeds office is not permitted to alter a deed in any way. If you need to revise a deed, we suggest you consult an attorney.

Q. I would like to add a fence around my backyard. Are individual lots surveys available at the Register of Deeds office?
A. Yes and no. The Register of Deeds maintains subdivision and condominium surveys, which show multiple lots and individual surveys; however, if a survey has not been recorded, the Register of Deeds will be unable to provide individual surveys.

Q. Can the Register of Deeds conduct a title search of my property and tell me what liens and other documents are found?
A. No. The Register of Deeds office does not conduct title searches. Individuals will need to conduct searches themselves or consult with an attorney.

Q. How do I locate documents myself?
A. If there is a specific document you are searching for, it can easily be found by knowing some basic information. However, if you need a title search and complete information on a piece of property, you are advised to contact an attorney who will search all of the records required and provide you with the information collected.

Q. Can I use an address to verify property information, including ownership?
A. Yes. All land in Currituck County has a physical address. Register of Deeds land documents refer to land using a legal description including boundary, lot, block, and acreage information.

Q. Can anyone access the land records maintained by the Register of Deeds?
A. Yes. All of the records maintained by the Register of Deeds are public records.

Q. Is there a fee for recording documents?
A. Yes. For a schedule of fees, visit the Fees page on this website.

Q. I see many abbreviations used in connection with real estate documents. Where do I go to find out what they mean?
A. The North Carolina Association of Register of Deeds publishes a list of approved abbreviation codes for role/status designations, instrument types, and property descriptions.