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Park Rules & Regulations

Currituck parks are for the enjoyment of Currituck County residents, property owners, and their guests. For the safety and enjoyment of patrons, the following rules and regulations govern all Currituck County Parks:

  1. All County parks are public parks and with the exception of the single, large picnic shelters at Maple Park and The Sound Park which may be reserved, all other picnic shelters and park facilities are available on a first come basis.

  2. County parks are open 7 days per week, year round. The parks open at 8:00 a.m. and close at sunset. Gates are locked at closing. After Park closing, any individuals remaining or coming into Parks will be considered trespassing and subject to criminal prosecution. Vehicles remaining in parks after closing will be locked in and not available to owners until the next park opening. The County is not responsible for the safe keeping of such vehicles.

  3. Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are not allowed.

  4. No dogs permitted except service dogs for the disabled.

  5. Firearms, hunting, and abusive language/behavior are not allowed. Concealed or un-concealed weapons of any type are prohibited.

  6. Hitting golf balls is not permitted. Kite flying (aircraft hazard) is not allowed at Maple Park.

  7. Catch and release fishing only is permitted at Maple Park; fishing according to State and Federal Regulations is permitted at the other County Parks. Swimming and wading is prohibited in County parks; boating is allowed only in parks that have boating access ramps.

  8. All vehicles must be parked in parking spaces provided. Bicycling, roller skating, roller blading, and skate boarding are allowed in designated areas only.

  9. Motorized hobby equipment (model cars and airplanes, go-carts, motorized trail bikes, all-terrain vehicles, minibikes, etc.) are not allowed.

  10. Park grills are designed for charcoal only. Charcoal should be left in the grills after cooking for disposal by County personnel. Personal cooking grills no larger than 24-inch diameter are allowed but may not be used under any shelters. It is unlawful to gather and burn wood in County parks.

  11. The single, large picnic shelters at Maple Park and The Sound Park are available on a first come basis unless previously reserved. Reservation of the large shelters for designated hours may be made by signing an agreement obtained from the Currituck Parks & Recreation Department, located at 130 Community Way, Barco, NC 27917or by calling 252-232-3007.

    Reservation Agreements must be signed and on file in the Parks & Recreation Office prior to use. Reservations for specific events are:

    ½ day- $25.00 
    whole day - $50.00

    Otherwise the shelters are on a first come, first serve basis and are free to the public, unless someone has reserved the park.

    The person signing the Reservation Agreement is held liable for cleanup and any damages or maintenance fees incurred as a result of his/her group’s activities. Facilities should be left as found.

  12. Cooking trailers and equipment are allowed at the large shelters; however, the hauling vehicle must be disconnected and the vehicle parked in the parking lot. No other trailers will be allowed next to the shelters.

  13. Amplified music is permitted at County parks, but the volume will be monitored by County employees. If the sound is too loud as determined by the County employee, the park patron will turn the sound down or be asked to leave the park.

  14. Nailing decorations to park structures is not allowed; however, taping is permitted.

  15. No one may charge a fee to enter or use the facilities at County parks.

  16. Park patrons are encouraged to observe the park’s waterfowl and other wildlife; however, handling, harassment or capture of wildlife is prohibited.

  17. Athletic facilities are provided at several County Parks; however, park patrons should bring their own athletic equipment such as softball gloves, bats and balls, frisbees, volleyballs, horseshoes, etc. that would be needed for the activities.

  18. Violation of any of the Park Rules and Regulations may result in the expulsion of the park patron with possible denial of future privileges.

Adopted 6/7/99
Amended 8/16/99