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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When are taxes due?
A. Real estate and personal property taxes (not including licensed motor vehicles) become due on September 1st of each year. The taxes may be paid until January 5th of the following year without interest or penalty. Real and Personal taxes are billed and paid annually. (For example: 2017 taxes become due on September 1, 2017 but can be paid without interest on or before January 5, 2018.)

Q: How can I find out how much tax I paid on vehicles last year for filing my incomes taxes?
A. By logging in to MyDMV using the last 4 digits of your social security number and your birthdate. The site will have available all motor vehicle property taxes paid for the last few years. (In 2013, the DMV took over collecting property tax on motor vehicles which are now paid at the time of registration or renewal.)

Q. I sold my car. Can I get a refund on part of my taxes?
A. That depends on what was done with the license plate that was on the vehicle.

  • If you transferred the license plate from the vehicle that was sold to another vehicle, you are not due a refund. In this case, you will not be billed for the replacement vehicle until the license expires. 

  • If you sold the vehicle and turned the license plate in to DMV, then you can submit proof that the vehicle was sold and a copy of the receipt from DMV (Form FS20) to the Tax Department and part of your taxes will be adjusted and refunded. The refund will be based on the number of whole months left remaining on the registration before it expires.