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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I have properties in the Ocean Sands Water/Sewer District (OSWSD) and the Villages at Ocean Hill (VOH). Do I pay the SOBWS impact fee?
A: No. OSWSD and VOH have different impact fees.

Q: Do I have to sign up for this system?
A: No. The system is completely voluntary.

Q: Does the impact fee include sewer service?
A: No. The impact fee is for water service only.

Q: I’ve decided not to connect to the system. Can I get a refund of the impact fee?
A: Impact fees are not refundable after the service has been installed.

Q: Is there a prepayment penalty?
A: No. You may pay your account in full at any time. Please call us for a payoff amount.

Q: I can’t pay the impact fee in full, but I don’t want to pay interest. Can I just send you two or three large payments over the next few months?
A: The only payment options now are to pay the impact fee in full.


Q: When will you start billing me for water?
A: Water charges commence on the day the water meter is installed. Even if no water is used, customers will be billed at the monthly rate.

Q: Can I keep my well?
A: Absolutely! In many cases, it is advisable to retain your well for irrigation, outside spigots and outdoor showers to avoid excess consumption and water charges for outdoor water use. You must, however, isolate any plumbing that carries well water from all plumbing that will carry SOBWS water to prevent backflow and cross-contamination.

Q: Do you have a list of plumbers on the Outer Banks?
A: No. Please contact your property management company for assistance. You can also use a yellow pages search engine on the web (search for Plumbers or Plumbing Contractors), or visit the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce on the web at .

Q: Will I still need my current water treatment, filtration and softening system?
A: This is a matter of personal preference. Generally speaking, the treatment systems that were previously required for houses on well water are no longer required with the public water system.

Q: I think the ¾ inch meter will be too small for my house. How do I get a larger meter?
A: Most customers do not need a larger meter. If you want increased volume, you can install a larger service line from the meter to the house. If you still think you need a larger meter, please contact the office for costs and procedure.

Q: Why must I clear the right-of-way?
A: Utilities within the right-of-way must be unobstructed and accessible at all times by utility personnel. This also applies to the area around your meter box. In addition to clearing obstructions from the right-of-way, you should make sure that your meter box area is also readily accessible; i.e., not obstructed by any shrubs, fencing or gates.

Q: I’ve changed my mind about the meter location, and the meter box has already been installed. Can you move the meter?
A: You should contact the water department office with your request. If approved by the Superintendent, your water meter may be relocated. You will be billed for this service.