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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Automatic External Defibrillators and are they available in public buildings?
A. Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) are simple, automatic machines that can be used by trained staff, as well as untrained persons, to restore a normal heart rhythm in someone who has suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Currituck County has placed Medtronic Life Pak 500 defibrillators in the following County office facilities:

  • Powells Point Senior Center
  • Currituck Senior Center/Social Services Building
  • Knotts Island Senior Center
  • Historical Courthouse
  • Health Department
  • Library in Barco
  • Library in Corolla
  • Currituck County Jail
  • Water Plant
  • Judicial Center
  • Corolla Satellite Office
  • Public Works building

Q. How many persons are employed by Currituck County Dept of Fire-Emergency Medical Services?
A. Currituck County has 73 full-time positions which includes an Chief, Deputy Chief a Training Captain/Volunteer Coordinator, 4 Shift Captains, 1 Outerbanks Captain, 1 Secretary, and 65 Emergency Medical Technicians/Firefighters including: EMT-Basics, Intermediates, and Paramedics 48 of the aforementioned are also certified North Carolina firefighters. 

There are 28 temporary employees and a volunteer EMS force of approximately 26 Medical Responders, EMT's, Intermediates and Paramedics throughout our County.

The County also works with six contracted Volunteer Fire Departments which has  a combined force of over 200 volunteer members within the six volunteer agencies.

Q. If the Currituck County Fire-EMS needed to respond to my house, what is the best way I can make sure find me? 
A.  When speaking with 911 dispatchers, give clear directions if your house is not clearly visible from the roadway and do not hang up until told to do so by the dispatcher. Have your house number clearly visible on the front of your house with numbers that are illuminated at night. If you have a road side mailbox, have your numbers clearly visible on the mailbox.

To purchase a highly visible sign for your mailbox complete the form and return to Lower Currituck Volunteer Fire Department..

Q. Can I have the Currituck County Fire-EMS present a safety talk to my church, school group or other organization?
A. Yes, please call the Fire-EMS administration office at 252-232-7746 at least two weeks in advance of your event. Please note that our avaiability may be limited by the other duties and units may need to remain in service for response to calls.

Q. Does the Currituck County Fire-EMS organization solicit funds over the phone or door to door?
A.Currituck County Fire-EMS is a fully funded county department that operates under a formal budget. Currituck County Fire-EMS personnel do not solicit funds from citizens. There may be or have been instances where funds were accepted on behalf for special circumstances, these funds were/are coordinated thru a local banking institution with public notification thru the media.