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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I obtain a library card?
A. Free library cards are issued to anyone presenting a picture ID. Children under the age of 14 must have a parent signature on the application card. Currituck library cards are honored in all public libraries within the East Albemarle Regional Library System.

Q. Where can I return library materials?
A. Returns may be made at any library in the East Albemarle Regional Library System and in book depositories at the following locations:

  • Moyock Shopping Plaza
  • Currituck County Historic Courthouse
  • Grandy, at the Shopping Center
  • Shawboro, at Superior Water Systems
  • Point Harbor, by Bayside Furniture

Q. How do I make a memorial donation to the library?
A. There are two ways to make a memorial donation.Come to the library, complete a short form, and present check or cash for the donation. One way is to have the library staff: purchase the book or other item; put in a memorial plate with your name; notify the family; and with your permission, publish the donation in the newspaper. The other way is that you can purchase the book or item, bring it to the library, and staff will perform the other steps mentioned above.