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Detention Center Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What types of items are inmates allowed to have?

A. Inmates may have money deposited into their in-house account upon admission to jail, during visitation, or through the US Mail. All other items can be purchased through Canteen. also up to three Photographs are allowed.

Q. Can I take an inmate books or magazines for them to read?

A. Soft cover Books, magazines, and newspapers may come only through the mail and must be sent directly from the publisher. Each inmate is only allowed to have a total of three publications at one time.

Q. Are inmates allowed to make telephone calls?

A. There are telephones available for the inmates to make calls. All calls are made "collect" to the receiving party. Calls may be made according to Detention Center policy. Any questions concerning payment can be directed to the contracted phone service, 1-800-PAY-TELL 

Q. How much money is an inmate allowed to have?

A. There is no set amount of money an inmate may have.

Q. Can I bring an inmate food or drinks?

A. The Canteen is provided once a week. Canteen purchases are limited to $30.00 a visit.

For any further information regarding visitation of inmates, contact the
Currituck Detention Center at (252) 453-2194.