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Mary Beth Newns

Rebecca Gay
Deputy Coordinator

153 Courthouse Road
Suite 122
Currituck, North Carolina  27929


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8:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
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153 Courthouse Road
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Currituck, North Carolina  27929
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Emergency Management

The Emergency Management Department provides leadership and assistance to reduce the loss of life and property in Currituck County from a variety of man-made and natural hazards. The department is responsible for teaching people how to prepare for disasters, coordinating countrywide disaster response, and making sure that disaster assistance is available to all government agencies, businesses, and citizens of Currituck County.

The Currituck County Emergency Management Department is providing residents, businesses, and visitors the information they need in order to prepare for and recover from emergencies within the County. This information includes current safety issues and the latest updates on Homeland security efforts. At this site, you will also find answers to frequently asked questions, as well as links to other local, state and federal resources.

ReadyNCLogoForWeb.gifAnother responsibility of the Emergency Management Department is to provide assistance to managers of various County agencies that play a role in the response and recovery effort. In addition, the Emergency Management Department maintains the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for the County. This plan describes the concept of emergency operations and assigns duties and responsibilities to agency heads or organizations, which are either part of, or will serve in support of, Currituck County government in time of emergency.

Preparation Information

View this emergency preparation video by North Carolina Crime Control and Public Safety: 


This FEMA, video  "We Prepare Every Day", provides information on how people with disabilities can prepare for an emergency.  Additional information on creating emergency plans for individuals with disabilities is available at 

Hurricane Evacuation Map - English         Hurricane Evacuation Map - Spanish 

What This Department Does

  • Plans for the effects of man-made and natural disasters
  • Acts as the primary emergency planner and facilitator for the County
  • Serves as a clearinghouse for up-to-date information to assist citizens and County departments with emergency planning
  • Coordinates training for County employees and other agency representatives for emergency preparedness
  • Prepares the Emergency Operations Plan and updates as needed
  • Operates and maintains the County’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during disasters
  • Works with State and Federal agencies on disaster planning and recovery

What This Department Does Not Do

  • Assist citizens with emergency payment of home utility bills or other disaster recovery expenses
  • Write emergency plans for businesses
  • Manage Emergency Medical Services or answer questions regarding their billing (see Emergency Medical Services)

nws 0031.jpg

EM Director Mary Beth Newns (middle) and EM Program Assistant Rebecca Gay (right) toured the National Weather Service office in Wakefield, Virginia. and discussed emergency weather prediction and warning systems with National Weather Meteorologist Bill Sammler (seated). This ongoing partnership with the National Weather Serives  helps Currituck Emergency Management stay well-prepared ahead of any upcoming severe weather event.