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Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps 

These maps indicate the location of Flood Hazard Zones within Currituck County. If you have any questions regarding the maps please contact the Planning Department at 252-232-3055. 

Notice to Map Users 

Federal Emergency Management Agency, also known as FEMA, maintains information about map features, such as street locations and names, in or near designated flood hazard areas. Requests to revise information in or near designated flood hazard areas may be provided to FEMA during the community review period, at the final consultation coordination officer meeting, or during the statutory 90 day appeal period. Approved requests for changes will be shown on the final printed firm.

Flood hazard information is shown outside of Currituck County for informational purposes only until the surrounding counties are mapped in their entirety to complete the statewide mapping format. Until this map is revised to officially include all counties shown on it , flood insurance policies outside of Currituck County must be based on separately printed flood insurance rate maps for the surrounding counties.

3721800300J 3721802100J
3721802200J 3721802300J 3721803000J 3721803100J
3721803200J 3721803300J 3721804000J 3721804200J
3721806000J 3721806200J 3721808000J 3721808100J
3721808200J 3721809100J 3720892600J 3720892800J
3720894400J 3720894600J 3720894800J 3720896400J
3720896600J 3720896800J 3720898200J 3720898400J
3720898600J 3720898800J 3720898900J 3720899800J
3720899900J 3721900000J 3721900100J 3721900200J
3721900300J 3721901000J 3721901100J 3721901200J
3721901300J 3721902000J 3721902100J 3721902200J
3721902300J 3720982700J 3720982800J 3720982900J
3720983600J 3720983700J 3720983800J 3720983900J
3720984600J 3720984700J 3720984800J 3720990000J
3720990200J 3720990400J 3720990600J 3720990800J
3720991900J 3720992000J 3720992100J 3720992200J
3720992300J 3720992400J 3720992500J 3720992700J
3720992800J 3720992900J 3720993000J 3720993100J
3720993200J 3720993300J 3720993400J 3720993500J
3720993600J 3720993700J 3720993800J 3720993900J
3720994100K 3720994200J 3720994300J 3720994400J
3720994500J 3720995100K 3720995200J  

All maps and data provided shall be used for general reference purposes only. Currituck County assumes no responsibility for the misuse or misinterpretation of the data.”

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