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Jury duty? Need to file a small claim? Received a traffic ticket?

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Need information regarding an upcoming court date? You can now search criminal court dates online by the defendant's name:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Going to Court?" (second line to right of "court news")
    Click on "Criminal Calendars" (left column under heading "criminal")
  3. Click on "District & Superior Court Query" (in left column)
  4. Select County; select the Court (District, Superior, or Both)
  5. Enter Defendant's name (last name, first name (no space))
  6. Click on "Submit Query." Future court dates for the name entered will appear, and you may click on the case number for details.


The Clerk of Superior Court's office is a branch of State government. It is responsible for all administrative, clerical, and record-keeping functions of the District and Superior court. In addition, the Clerk receives and disburses money collected each year from court fees and fines.