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Cooperative Extension

The primary mission of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service Currituck County Center is to disseminate research-based information among the citizens of the county. The local office is part of a state-wide Currituck Master Gardeners plant salenetwork. Offices are located in each of the 100 counties with a staff of trained professionals who can help families, businesses, community groups, and individuals deal with the problems facing them today.

Educational programs are offered in the areas of Agriculture, Family and Consumer Education, 4-H and Youth Development, Community and Rural Development. Extension Service is an arm of the State's two land-grant universities -- North Carolina State University and North Carolina A&T University.

Information is provided in a number of convenient ways. For the quick questions, answers are as close as the telephone.

Workshops, special interest classes and seminars are offered each month. One-on-one help is available by appointment. Newsletters, bulletins, and leaflets are available.

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What This Department Does

  • Provides useful research-based information and non-formal learning opportunities. These are available through extension agents and staff. County personnel are supported by a staff of subject matter specialists at the universities
  • Helps people gain knowledge and put it to work in areas such as agriculture, family and consumer education, 4-H and youth, and community and rural development
  • Provides educational programs that focus on: enhancing agricultural, forest and food systems, strengthening and sustaining families; developing responsible youth; building quality communities; and conserving and improving the environment and natural resources

Contact Information

Cameron S. Lowe, County Extension Director
120 Community Way
Barco, NC  27917
Phone: 252-232-2261
Fax: 252-453-2782
E-mail: (

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m.  - 5:00 p.m.