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Birth Records - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the date range of birth certificates available at the Register of Deeds office?
A. Currituck County birth records from 1913 to the present are available.

Q. If I was born in Currituck County and adopted, is my original birth record available?
A. No. North Carolina law prohibits public inspection of any adoption records, including original birth records.

Q. How can I obtain a birth certificate?
A. To obtain a birth certificate by mail, submit your request to:

Currituck Register of Deeds
153 Courthouse Road, Suite 600
Currituck, NC 27929,

or download the Application for a Certified Copy of a Birth Certificate. Requests for birth certificates must include:
  • the full name of the person named on the certificate
  • their date of birth
  • father’s full name
  • and mother’s full maiden name.  
To obtain a birth certificate in person, present a valid form of identification. Birth certificates are available for persons who were born in Currituck County. If you were born in a different county, you will need to contact that county’s office of Vital Records.

Q. How much does it cost for a copy of a birth certificate?
A. Birth certificates are $10.00 per certified copy and $1.00 for each uncertified copy. The Currituck Register of Deeds office accepts certified checks and money orders by mail, payable to Currituck Register of Deeds. Cash is also accepted, if paying in person.

If you were born in North Carolina in another county after 1971, we use the Electronic Birth Registration System offered by Vital Records. The cost is $24.00, cash only. These requires approximately 30 minutes to process.

Q. What are acceptable forms of identification?
A. Drivers license with photograph, State-issued identification card, passport, military identification card with photograph, or a current school identification card with photograph. Agents, attorneys, or legal representatives must also furnish documentation of authority in order to receive a certified certificate on an individual.

Q. How can I add the name of my child’s father to my child’s birth certificate? We are not married.
A. An Affidavit of Parentage can be processed at the Register of Deeds office prior to the child’s eighteenth (18th) birthday. An appointment with the Birth Registrar is necessary, and both parties must personally appear. Both parties must also present valid Drivers Licenses or State-issued Identification Cards.

Q. My child’s father and I were married after the birth of our child. We want to give the child the father’s last name and add the father’s necessary information to the birth certificate. How is this done?
A. This process is known as “Legitimation.” You will need to speak with someone in the Register of Deeds office for instructions.

Q. What does “Record Removed” or “Record Deleted” appearing in the child’s name mean?
A. “Record Removed” or “Record Deleted” means that these birth records have been removed from the Currituck County Register of Deeds office and forwarded to the State Vital Statistics office where they are closed to public inspection by North Carolina law.